Spring in Your Tummy


When you think Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne, your first thoughts are horses, maybe fashion if you’re a snappy dresser, and of course money—or more specifically—betting.

What if you could place your bets on a darn fine meal instead? Yes, we know the obligatory glass of champagne or three is where your main culinary focus will be, and thanks to Champagne Pommery, you’ll have plenty of top quality bubbles at your disposal.

But this is a food blog, right? And the thing I’m really excited for—as in, tummy rumbling, telling all my friends, and saving space for—is the food offering setting up shop at the BMW Caulfield Cup Carnival this year. Introducing The Paddock, the Caulfield racecourse will play host to a street-food style Spring Village, housing a range of quick and casual to premium (fancy pants) offerings.


Down-to-earth-Melbourne is represented in fine iconic form with St Kilda Burger Bar offering premium buns you can’t find anywhere else (except maybe on the runway at fashions on the field). Their Mr Fun Guy burger is a reincarnation of a veggie burger that will have cavemen salivating, with hands-down the best tasting mushroom I’ve had all year. Their top quality Angus beef is soft and crumbly—as it should be.


You can also find typically trendy Melbourne showcased in the soft shell crab souvlakis from Gazi, bursting with lip-smacking flavour and kerrrrunch. If you’re after a more immersive and elegant experience, Ian Curley from The European, Richard Ousby of Stokehouse City, and Julian Robertshaw from MRC, have been brought on board to really up the stakes.

So get yourself spruced and revved up for the BMW Caulfield Cup Carnival, and make sure to sip and snack delicately (at least while others are looking). I’ll go all in on the bet that my focus at the Caulfield Cup this year, will be feasting.

BMW Caulfield Cup 
Thursday October 17th
Caulfield Racecourse

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