A Mountain of a Drop


Melburnians love a good drop of vino, and with a city full of impressive foodie spots, we’re also rather spoilt for a great sip. While international wines can be exotic—as long as you appreciate them, and don’t act like a pompous know-it-all, ahem Chenin-wank*—it’s also a truly enjoyable experience to sit down to a curated Victorian wine list, and even more amazing when local wines reign supreme over imported drops.

Montara Grampians are a label synonymous with the Victorian Grampians, and a well known name for many Melburnians. Similar to the majestic mountain range, this winery aims high, recently receiving a five star winery status thanks to James Halliday’s Wine Companion (2016). Along with four other Melbourne bloggers, I’ve been asked to review my pick of the Montara Grampians range, and share with anyone who’s got a nose for it, my experience.

That’s not all I’ll be sharing. If you want to sip or sample yourself, I’ll be divulging an exclusive code for 20% off any purchases for the next two weeks (see below for the promo code)!


Having recently returned from a trip to our neighbours down south (New Zealand), I fancied myself a fan of the many Pinot Noir offerings from Central Otago. Interested to see how the Victorian version would stand against my oh-so-cultured nose (and belly, let’s be honest), I chose the Montara Grampians 2013 Pinot Noir to taste.

With an sharp and nutty bouquet, this Pinot Noir carries more richness than you might expect. Deep red tones offer a bold appearance, but the taste has got me rethinking my affinity with Central Otago. Smooth cherry and spice prevail, and according to the vineyard—would go well with duck. Aside from the fact that duck would be awesome right now, I concur with this verdict, but also wouldn’t mind a drop of this with a cheese platter, or a rich tomato based pasta. Awarded Gold, (95 points) in the Wine Showcase Magazine, and 90 points by James Halliday, this wine is a winner both by sommelier standards, and by some-more-over-here foodie qualifications too.

With 20% off, I know what I’ll be Christmas shopping for (self-stocking-stuffers anyone?).

Use promo code MEGAN1 to receive 20% off your order! Offer runs from 5/11/15 to 19/11/15.


Montara Grampians
*I’m rather partial to a spectacular Chenin Blanc, it just worked out punny.


All images copyright © Megan Osborne, please do not use without permission.

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